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How to Sell

We Help You Sell Your Properties.

Zulwa affords you the opportunity to sell properties quicker and easier by ensuring that property owners and agents with active listing plans can list properties and showcase these properties on Zulwa.
To sell on Zulwa, simply create and account as an agent or property owner and complete your profile. Create a new listing and fill in all the necessary details of your property. After creating a listing, your property would be registered as inactive. To activate your listing, navigate to the inactive listings page and select the listing you want to activate. Once you click on “list now,” you would be redirected to the listing plans page (if you don’t already have an active listings plan), select a listing plan and make payments online or offline and your listing would be activated. You can find all your active listings on the active listings tab in your listings page.
To view the length and amount of listings on your listing plan, select my transactions from your dashboard.

NOTE: After the successful sale of a property, it is advisable to remove the listing from the website to avoid misleading costumers.

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